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How Overthinking Affects the Creative Process – Matthew Nicosia

How Overthinking Affects the Creative Process - Matthew Nicosia

Handling an entire business on your own can be overwhelming. It is common for entrepreneurs to suffer anxiety because they constantly think about making their business successful or expanding it. Another thing on their mind is managing risks. There are plenty of such variables in business that one needs to keep an eye on to ensure success.

This leads to overthinking, which can kill the creative process at times. Matthew Nicosia believes that while logic skills are necessary for building a business, entrepreneurs also require exceptional creative thinking skills to carry their business forward.

Matthew Nicosia Explains Why You Need to Resist Overthinking

Managing a business requires you to do an efficient analysis of different situations. This is necessary to ensure that you make the right decisions that will benefit your business. That said, Matthew Nicosia thinks there is a fine line between brainstorming for problem-solving and downright overthinking, where you end up self-sabotaging.

Let us see how overthinking affects the creative process:

Makes You Indecisive

Overthinking makes you lose control of your creative process. In order to come up with practical solutions, you need your creative skills. However, you also need strong decision-making skills to analyze your options to reduce the risk your business faces.

Hence, overthinking causes hindrances to the creative process, which as a result, also affects other skills that are needed for managing a business. This only happens because overthinking causes you to overanalyze the situation, and you see threats are non-existent. In order to overcome these hurdles, entrepreneurs end up making the wrong decisions for their businesses.

Lowers Your Mental Performance

Experts believe that overthinking a problem may cause “thought paralysis.” The brain goes into overdrive and is unable to effectively use its creative skills. According to Matthew Nicosia, overthinking never leads to any beneficial insights. You may think you are extensively thinking about the problem, but in reality, you are simply going in circles in your mind, and this path never leads to a particular destination. 

This overwhelms the brain and limits functionality since it is hard for the brain to perform well when it is burnt out from all the overthinking.

Causes Distraction in Mind

When overthinking, you focus more on the problem than the solution. This can create a big hurdle since it distracts your mind from finding a good solution. Matthew Nicosia believes your energy should be going into the output or result. On the contrary overthinking makes you obsess over the input, ignoring the process as well.

The whole point of the creative process is to solve a problem. The distraction of overthinking keeps you from the final result, causing your brain to focus on unnecessary issues you need not worry about.

Matthew Nicosia’s Final Word

Many people don’t realize how important creativity is for us. In fact, some people who claim they aren’t creative don’t realize that they use their creative skills constantly throughout the day. It is essential to understand that overthinking is the biggest thing affecting their creative process.

Rather than focusing on the solution, they end up focusing entirely on the problem, which causes them to disrupt their creative process. As a result, it makes them indecisive and lowers their mental performance causing the business to suffer.