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Benefits of Streaming Advertising by Matthew Nicosia

Streaming Advertising

The way we consume media has changed. For example, in the past we used to watch TV on the box, and we had to keep the time for each TV show in mind so that we could watch it when it aired. If we missed the episode, we had to keep an eye on re-airs. But those days are gone.

Nowadays, streaming lets us watch whatever we want, whenever we want. That means that the advertising landscape has also changed.

As Matthew Nicosia says, wherever the customer goes, the business will follow.

What is Streaming Advertising, Told By Matthew Nicosia

Streaming advertising is very similar to what used to be simple commercials on TV. The only difference is that now, because streaming takes place on any platform or device, the ads are no longer limited to TV, nor are they specified by time. Ads can be played whenever and wherever.

Benefits of Streaming Advertising According to Matthew Nicosia

Matthew Nicosia explains that there are a number of benefits to streaming advertising that traditional TV ads do not have.

Can Reach All Screens

TV ads were limited to, well, TV. But streaming ads are not. Matthew Nicosia explains that streaming ads are not limited by screen type. They can reach smart TVs with the same ease as they reach smartphones, tablets and computers. Streaming allows advertisers plenty of extra options to reach their audience.


Advertising on streaming platforms, Matthew Nicosia says, is a lot more agile than traditional TV. This is because any changes needed for your advertisement – from simple things like color fixes, to larger ones like changing content – can be made very easily.

You can use digital marketing analytics to assess how well your ad performs and whether changes are needed at all to make your decisions.


TV ad space is extremely expensive. You can only buy so much time during the day, but streaming ads can be played whenever a customer decides to stream something, which means that all you need to do is focus on making a good ad to target your audience. With TV ads, you have to consider when it airs, what channel it airs on, who will be watching at the time, and more.

With streaming ads, all you need to know is who is watching the ad and who you want watching the ad. Because of the lower investment required, the cost of streaming ads is much lower.

Audience Segmentation

Streaming ads also allow better segmentation within the target audience. TV ads, for example, will show an ad that is allotted to that time slot regardless of who is watching something and where. ON the other hand, streaming ads are specifically chosen based on the demographics of the person watching and making sure they fit the target audience.

Because data is collected over who is watching what, ads can be targeted in much the same way. When you know how your audience thinks and behaves, you can cater to them better.