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3 Major Types of Digital Media by Matthew Nicosia

Major Types of Digital Media

Digital media comes in different types and can help brands in various different ways. Digital marketing is about promoting your brand through digital media, and thus you need to know the different types of digital media to achieve this objective.

Matthew Nicosia explains that with this knowledge, the chances of a brand communicating better with their target audience is much higher.

Matthew Nicosia Explains the 3 Types of Digital Media

Earned Media

Earned media is what is considered to be word-of-mouth in an online environment. For example, whenever a company does something, there are bound to be comments, blogs or vlogs about it and these are considered to be earned. This type of media has no direct investment from the company. As Matthew Nicosia explains, although any investment towards an action will indirectly result in earned media, it is not investment in the media itself.

Owned Media

Owned media are the ones which a company owns permanently. For example, websites, blogs, social media pages etc. are things that the company owns and controls, and thus is part of owned media. Through these channels, the brand is able to generate new content about what it offers and what it’s doing. This type of media naturally involves some investment since it is owned by the company itself.

It is also the type of media that shows the company’s own perspective and gives the most information about the company.

Paid Media

The third type of digital media is paid media, and is the one which you have to pay to spread. This means that the company has to make an investment to make it reach a wider audience. This is to spread awareness about the company, its services and campaigns etc.

While owned and earned media are also helpful, paid media is by far the most popular. But according to Matthew Nicosia, you do need to know how to use paid media properly if you want your investments to garner results and be useful. Being on time and accurate in targeting your audience is very important.

How Digital Media Can Help, According to Matthew Nicosia

Digital media is necessary for any business to succeed nowadays. From boosting brand awareness to improving accuracy about the information circulating about the company itself, there are plenty of reasons why digital media helps.

The most important aspect, however, is that it helps to improve the communication between the brand and the customer. In the past, Matthew Nicosia explains, the relationship between a company and consumers used to be very impersonal. However, with increased interaction and brands now having their own ‘personality’ through digital media landscapes, there is increased loyalty towards brands because of how people tend to associate the products and services they consume with their own personality.

As a result, using digital media for marketing becomes an incredible way to build a community focused around your brand.

As a bonus, this isn’t just good for your brand in terms of engagement and reputation, but is also very low-cost compared to traditional forms of marketing.